• Autor: Tammy L. Anderson
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  • Last data published: 23 January 2014
  • ISBN: 1134756372
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Description Understanding Deviance de Tammy L. Anderson:

In this collection of 48 reprinted and completely original articles, Tammy Anderson gives her fellow instructors of undergraduate deviance a refreshing way to energize and revitalize their courses. [36 are reprints- 12 are original to this text/anthology] First, in 12 separate sections, she presents a wide range of deviant behaviors, traits, and conditions including: underage drinking and drunk driving, doping in elite sports, gang behavior, community crime, juvenile delinquency, hate crime, prison violence and transgendered prisoners, mental illness, drug-using women and domestic violence, obesity, tattooing, sexual fetishes, prostitution, drug epidemics, viral pandemics, crime control strategies and racial inequality, gay neighborhoods, HIV and bugchasers, and (lastly) youth, multicultural identity and music scenes. Second, her pairing of "classic" and "contemporary" viewpoints about deviance and social control not only "connects" important literatures of the past to today's (student) readers, her "connections framework" also helps all of us see social life and social processes more clearly when alternative meanings are accorded to similar forms of deviant behavior. We also learn how to appreciate and interact with those who see things differently from ourselves. This may better equip us to reach common goals in an increasingly diverse and ever-changing world. Third, a major teaching goal of Anderson's anthology is to sharpen students' critical thinking skills by forcing them to look at how a deviant behavior, trait or condition, can be viewed from opposing or alternative perspectives. By learning to see deviance from multiple perspectives, students will better understand their own and other's behavior and experiences and be able to anticipate future trends. Balancing multiple perspectives may also assist students in their practical work in social service, criminal justice and other agencies and institutions that deal with populations considered "deviant" in one way or another. Tammy L. Anderson is a Professor of Sociology and Criminal Justice at the University of Delaware. Her recent books Rave Culture: The Alteration and Decline of a Philadelphia Music Scene (Temple University Press), Sex, Drugs, and Death (Routledge), and Neither Villain nor Victim: Empowerment and Agency among Women Substance Abusers (Rutgers University Press), along with her many peer review papers on substance abuse, crime, and music scenes, showcase her range of scholarship in the area of deviance, culture, and social control.

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Robey Re: Understanding Deviance

I do not have enough good things to say about this book. It was fanstastique!

Agustin Re: Understanding Deviance

A book on the shelves favorites, long time no see!

Rabell Re: Understanding Deviance

A book on the shelves favorites, long time no see!

Frostcliff Re: Understanding Deviance

I just read Chapter 1, and it is awesome.

Launa Re: Understanding Deviance

I am totally absorbed in this book at first. thank you

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