• Autor: Peter G. Weiglin
  • Editor: SAGE Publications Ltd
  • Last data published: 28 August 2002
  • ISBN: 0761916326
  • Format: PDF, Epub, DOCx, TXT
  • Number of page: 144 pages
  • File Size: 35MB
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Description Survival Math for Marketers de Peter G. Weiglin:

The key goal of Survival Math for Marketers is a solution to a common problem in business - namely, the lack of mathematics know-how among many business students and practitioners. There is an untapped 'latent demand' in the marketing world from many people whose careers have been - or will be - thwarted because the math 'haves' dominate the 'have nots'. This book as an easy, fun, and inexpensive solution to this age-old problem. Survival Math for Marketers is designed to be a useful book for introductory marketing courses. It is clearly written, filled with good examples, illustrations and makes entertaining reading. Peter Weiglin is an author, historian, and professional speaker on many topics. His company, Omnibus Communications, specializes in marketing strategy and communications consulting for companies in the publishing and computer fields. His clients have included Lockheed, Hundman Publishing, Hewlett-Packard, Apple Computer, and North American Van Lines. He teaches management and marketing, most recently at the University of California at Berkeley Extension and has also worked as an auditor for a New York City-based accounting firm. He has written, produced, and narrated several TV and radio documentaries and has written five books. During the 1970s and early 1980s, he was one of a handful of people who revolutionized the public transit industry. He was the first director of marketing for a public transit system in America and went on to become a nationally known manager/consultant to revitalize troubled transit systems. He has an MBA degree from the University of Pittsburgh. As a leisure activity, he directs the Golden Gate Radio Orchestra. He has been active in many community affairs, including a term as president of the San Mateo County (California) Arts Council.

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I can not remember the last time a book was so addicted.

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Glad I got this book. I maintain the reaction.

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Glad I got this book. I maintain the reaction.

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This is probably one of the best books I have ever read.

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I can be relevant for a moment, oh my God, this book is outstanding !!

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